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    Female Egyptian Protestors Subjected To "Virginity Test"

    Nothing here is less bad than it sounds.

    • Skip to 1:10. Source: CNN

    • An unnamed General has since come forward to confirm that these tests did, in fact, occur. Apparently he thought if someone explained, it would help people understand the thought process...clearly this General fails at comprehending basic human decency.

    • Source: Reddit

    • According to Salwa al-Husseini, one of the victims, "When we went to the military prison, me and the girls, we were placed in a room with two doors and a window. The two doors were wide open," she said. "The girl takes off all her clothes to be searched while there were cameras outside filming to fabricate prostitution charges against us later on," she added. "The girl who says she is single, she undergoes a test by someone; we don't know if he is a soldier or some kid on their behalf."

    • Egyptian activists and bloggers are holding a day of protest tomorrow in an attempt to pressure the new government into looking closer at these allegations.