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Elusive Albino Orca Photographed In Russia

Somewhere in Fictionland Captain Ahab is having a conniption. The whale, named Iceberg by scientists, is the only known mature male killer whale to be white.

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Iceberg was first spotted by Russian researchers off the coast of the Commander Islands in August of 2010. The photo was kept under wraps in the hopes they'd be able to get better footage to release but Iceberg and his family have proved exceptionally elusive.

The white whale is estimated to be 16 years old based on the size of his dorsal fin and was photographed living with a pod of about 12 others.

Orcas are known to travel thousands of miles on their migration routes but male orcas can live upwards of 60 years, so there is still plenty of time to find and study this rare creature.

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