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24 Disney Comebacks For Every Occasion

Who knew Disney had such a wealth of caustic one-liners?

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1. When anyone misuses a magniloquent word.

2. When basic bitches try to throw shade on you.

3. When your boss threatens "serious consequences" for the umpteenth time.

4. When the class geek shows up to the reunion swole.

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5. When you take a frenemy clothes shopping.

6. When a gross drunken bro starts catcalling you.

7. When someone tries to talk shit about your mom.

8. When you have to explain social media to your extended family.

9. When you can't seem to shake a guy.

10. When the same girl's been hogging the bathroom mirror for over an hour.

11. When people just can't take a damn hint.

12. When a dude friend asks you for dating advice.

13. When your siblings tell an hour-long rambling story with no point.

14. When your parents try to set you up on a date with "that nice boy."

15. When women start hitting on your man right in front of you.

16. When your mom emails you chain letters written in colorful Comic Sans.

17. When you answer the door to Jehovah's Witnesses instead of the pizza guy.

18. When a co-worker keeps humble bragging about his sexploits.

19. When people keep talking over you during a presentation.

20. When you get shushed during a conversation.

21. When you a dude says you're great at something... for a girl.

22. When your bestie starts gushing about her new crush.

23. When someone on Facebook leaves a cryptic status update.

24. When you leave the house. For any reason. Ever.

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