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20 Decadent Glamping Photos

Sleeping on the ground in a tent is so 20th century. When you combine "camping" with "glamourous", you get Glamping. Otherwise known as civilized camping.

1. Sydney, Australia

2. Patagonia, Chile

3. Patagonia, Chile (Photo Two)

4. Le Camp, France

5. Mahale, Tanzania

6. Chobe, Botswana

7. Tofino, British Columbia

8. Tofino, British Columbia (Photo Two)

9. Moscow, Idaho

10. Moscow, Idaho (Photo Two)

11. Greenough, Montana

12. Greenough, Montana (Photo Two)

13. Dorset, England

14. Dorset, England (Photo Two)

15. Location Unknown

16. Location Unknown

17. Wilson, Wyoming

18. Wilson, Wyoming (Photo Two)

19. Ellijay, Georgia

20. Swiss Alps

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