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    It's A Crime Against Fashion These 15 Monster High Heels Aren't Human Sized

    Mattel is missing out on an obvious cash-in. These shoes are wasted as mere doll accessories.

    1. These flawless golden boots.

    2. These grown-up jellies.

    3. These killer webbed boots.

    4. These Valentine wedges.

    5. These lovely heart stilettos.

    6. These bloody boots and sticky heels.

    7. These peep-toed Fleur-de-lis.

    8. These faux-ice boots.

    9. These asymmetrical Mary Jane booties.

    10. These dicey heels.

    11. These exquisite wedge sandals.

    12. These magenta feathered wedges.

    13. These insanely intricate no heel heels.

    14. These cool casual two-toned wedges.

    15. These sizzling snake peep-toed shoes.

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