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    Creepy Brazilian Bug Could Pass For An Alien

    Nature, what are you doing? Evolution is real, and it is terrifying.

    Oh that's not so bad...

    If you ever needed proof truth is stranger than fiction, look no further than the Brazilian treehopper Bocydium globular. Without photographic evidence to the contrary, it'd be easy to dismiss this bizarre species as the product of the imagination of Salvador Dali or H.R. Giger.

    The function of ornamentation appears to be to deter predators since both male and female Treehoppers exhibit a wide array of growths. If it were a sexual prowess display, only the males would look like nightmare fuel. Prevailing theory is one look at a Treehooper with its bumpy ridges and spiny globes makes it obvious this snack would hurt on the way down.



    These terrifying examples of evolution run amok live inside glory bushes.

    In case you visit the rainforest any time soon, don't smell these despite how pretty they are.

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