BuzzFeed Infiltrates Comic-Con: Day One

Hahahahaha! They gave us press passes so we gave them Gavon in drag. Seems like a fair trade.

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He's At San Diego Comic-Con With Buzzfeed's Gavon Laessig.

All Weekend Their Mission, And They HAVE Chosen To Accept It, Is To Traumatize Con Goers For My (And Your) Amusement. Starting With A Marvel Dance Party!

Man Hathaway Is Super Flexible. There's A Mental Image You Can't Unsee.

And Can We Throw In Some Fire? Awwwwww Yisssssss.

GASP! Our First Celebrity Sighting. Poor Rob Zombie.

I Bet Man Hathaway Was More Permanently Scarring Than Any Horror Flick He's Ever Directed. But He Was A Good Sport!

Tune In Tomorrow For More GIF Shenanigans!

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