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18 Best Disney Princess Fan Art Of 2013

It was a banner year for lovers of Disney's iconic ladies.

1. In 2013, the ladies of Disney grew epic beards.

2. And realized the power of Disney Eyes.

3. They dressed up for Halloween.

4. And became the monsters of their stories.

5. They went to senior prom.

6. Before heading off to college.

7. To make poor life choices.

8. And room together to save rent.

9. They headlined a burlesque show.

10. Took a spin as tattooed pinups.

11. And played around with gender norms.

12. They were given the sloth treatment.

13. Got a period accurate makeover.

14. And found a suspicious blue police box.

15. Channeled a final fantasy.

16. Got pixelated for Capcom.

17. And said "Screw you!" to distress.

18. They even inducted a new member.