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Behind The Scarlett Johansson Nude Photo Leak

How did naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson end up making their way around the Internet? Through trickery, technological mischief and a whole lot of social media.

Well it's been one wild ride, Internet! Scarlett Johansson nude photos were leaked onto the Net yesterday morning and all hell promptly broke loose.

But how exactly did we end up here? Let's take a look...

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Back on March 20th of this year, Stupid Rumors reported that up to 50 Hollywood celebrities had been victims of a professional group of hackers. In the article, you can see a blurrier version of Johansson's mirror photo.

At the time, the group reported that they weren't in it "for the money" but for the thrill.

Fast forward to yesterday, September 14th. Depending on what time stamp code they're using, either Phun or Reddit posted the photos first. It is unclear how either user procured these photos and Reddit public inquiries led to no answers.

At around 7am EST, Buzzfeed picked up the story (Link now sans nudity due to a DMCA from Johansson's lawyers) and was quickly followed by gossip sites large and small, blogging platforms and major media outlets.

As the shots grew more viral, Johansson refused to comment on whether the photos were her or not but did contact the FBI over the incident which in and of itself was pretty damning evidence.

Later, the FBI confirmed that they "...[are] investigating a series of computer intrusions targeting high-profile figures," but would not confirm if Scarlett was part of that investigation.

But then we got the best confirmation of all: The following takedown notice from Scarlett's lawyers. Which makes the FBI story all the more believable -- where will the story end?