11 Adorable Animals To Eat Before You Die

Mmmm, delicious controversy. Now that the FDA is lifting the ban on horse meat, it’s time to look at some other tasty creatures that people regularly eat in other countries.

11. Frogs (most countries eat frogs)

10. Ostrich (People are already eating ostrich in the U.S.)

9. Bats (Bat meat is a hot item in Indonesia)

8. Camels (Camel humps are considered a delicacy in Saudi Arabia and the Arabian Peninsula)

7. Guinea Pigs (Guinea Pig is a common menu item in Ecuador, Columbia and Peru)

6. Swans (Swan used to be on the menu throughout Europe but you’ll have to do it illegally these days)

5. Whales (Whale, while protected in most nations, is on the menu for Iceland, Norway and the Inuit)

4. Squirrel (Squirrels are most commonly eaten in Italy, France, and the USA)

3. Reindeer / Caribou (Santa’s helper is dinner in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Alaska, Russia and Canada)

2. Dogs (You can eat these little guys to your heart’s delight in China, Korea and Vietnam)

1. Cats (If your tastes are more feline, you should hit up some restaurants in China, Vietnam, Peru and a few rural places in Switzerland)

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