12 Signs You Were A Child Of The 00s

Kids today don’t know how easy they’ve got it. Or how much they’re missing.

1. You Remember When A Fistful Of Nickels Meant A Whole Day Of Fun

Photo: James Williams

2. You Think A Speed Limit Of 20 MPH Is Crazy Fast

3. You Stood In Line With Friends To See The First Science Fiction Thriller

4. You Have Memories Of Lady Liberty’s Coppery Color

5. Your Parents Used To Threaten You With Typhoid Mary

Mary Mallon is in the foreground.

6. You Played The New Game Of Ping Pong And Pretended You Were Rich Enough For Tennis

7. When Someone Mentions Their Electric Washing Machine, You Imagine This

8. When Planning A Trip Cross Country, You Still Forget The Panama Canal Exists

9. You Know THIS Is The Height Of Fashion

10. You’ll Always Thank The Louisiana World Fair For Introducing Cotton Candy

(And peanut butter. And waffle cones. And iced tea. And Dr. Pepper.)

11. You Read This And Vowed Never To Eat Hot Dogs Again

12. You Remember When School Was For The Wealthy Because You Had To Work

A view of the Pennsylvania Breaker. “Breaker Boys” remove rocks and other debris from the coal by hand as it passes beneath them. The dust is so dense at times as to obscure the view and penetrates the utmost recesses of the boys’ lungs.

Photo: Lewis Wickes Hines

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