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10 Diagrams To Create Your Own "Star Wars" Origami

Warning: Some of these may cause frustration. Which leads to hate, which leads to suffering, which leads to the Dark Side.

1. A-Wing

Skill Level: Beginner

Need a bigger image? Print it out.

2. Millennium Falcon

Skill Level: Beginner

Make your Falcon on the go by printing out the instructions.

3. Admiral Ackbar

Skill Level: Intermediate

Created by Origami Yoda, this doubles as a finger puppet!

4. Imperial Shuttle

Skill Level: Intermediate

This one takes some skill. Get the whole instruction pamphlet here as a PDF.

5. AT-AT

Skill Level: Advanced

Want to make the attempt? Get the full step-by-step guide here.

6. AT-ST (Chicken Walker

Skill Level: Advanced

Step-by-step instructions over here. Be prepared to try more than once before mastering the backwards legs.

7. Slave I

Skill Level: Advanced

Full guide to making your own bounty hunter ship can be found here.

8. X-Wing

Skill Level: Advanced

Alex Crosse has beautifully detailed, full color instructions.

9. Y-Wing

Skill Level: Advanced

Head over here for the full guide.

10. Destroyer Droid

Skill Level: Advanced

Full instructions here.

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