10 Pictures Of Animals Doing A Miley

Because it’s about time someone put all the pictures of animals with their tongues out in one place.

1. This wee guy is a bit shocked after watching the “Wrecking Ball” video, but it’s OK, he’ll get over it.

2. This goat’s favourite Miley song is “Hoedown Throwdown.” Yee hah!

3. This Highland Cow loves to twerk, too.

4. This tiger prefers Katy Perry, but doesn’t mind a bit of Miley from time to time.

5. This guy just can’t help but worry how Billy Ray must feel.

6. This cheeky wee monkey used to be a Belieber.

7. This guy would be lion if he said he’d never had a wee sing and dance along to “Party In The USA.”

8. This cat is reminiscing about the good old days of “7 Things” and “The Climb”…

9. This dude thinks Miley is elephanTASTIC, and doesn’t understand all the haters.

10. This beagle is working on a tribute act called Miley Cyruff.

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