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    • donj4

      @Michael Friters & company. If you and your ilk weren’t so blind, you would be hilarious. You let the media manipulate you into two distinct political groups, and you honestly think that “your side” is the intelligent one. Here isaconcept; so far as the leadership in our country is concerned, there is no difference. Obamacare? Please tell me the difference between that bill and the one Bush tried to pass but failed to do so. The Patriot Act? Obama swore he would not re-sign; but did. Gitmo? Promised to close, but didn’t. And how about the execution of U.S. citizens without benefit of “due process”. Gotta’ love those drones.Icould go on and on. Obama isaright-wingers wet dream, whose politics differ very, very little from G.W. Bush. Most of the so-called differences are no more than media spin designed to keep two sides separated while those in power decide who will be the C-in-C. These people, whether Democrat or Republican all attend the same parties. All attend the same functions. They belong to the same garden clubs and country clubs. Their children attend the same prep schools-schools that my children would never be allowed to attend-and are educated in the same way. You see Boehner and Obama playing golf together, and you think there isadifference? But “We the People” drink the kool aid of media spin, suckle our opinions from the teats of either the “right” or the “left” without truly deciding what is right or wrong for ourselves. And we call each other stupid names which have absolutely nothing to do with the issue at hand. Wake the hell up. There is something very wrong with our country, and so long as “We the People” allow ourselves to remain divided, the were never exist the consensus needed to upset the status quo. That serves those in power very well, whether named Obama or Boehner.

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