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Top 10 DonTom Traditions

We have a lot of amazing things we like to do together.. So for Valentines Day, I've decided to compile a short list of some of my favourites!

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7. Replacing ees with es

It all started with the fateful night I was on the back of your bike and we were whizzing down Monks Road... You warned me of a speed bump ahead and since then, all ee's have been changed to ehs. For instance, slep, quens, drem... and so many more :)

5. Our TV Shows

Happy Endings, Modern Family, Family Guy, House of Cards... We have a large range of TV Shows we can exclusively watch together... And only with special permission may we watch without the other! I love this tradition, we have special shows.


Words cannot even describe how much we love puppies. PUPPIES! Puppies of all breeds, all sizes... Our puppy reaction images, our sending of puppy images, our naming of puppies. We just love puppies.

2. Cowgis! and Mini Doxies!

I know I've already talked about puppies, but I think that corgis and doxies need to have their own section. Our love for these silly, pudgy little pups is something else we love about us. Pudge & Pudding will be corgis and doxies :)

1. DonTom Language

This is the most obvious one... DonTom spek (see what I did there?) Replacing rs with ws, making nosies for our babies, and so much more. We have our own special language and that's something that I would never give up :)

I love you my ottaw! Happy Valentines Day <3

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