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    • dominiqueelisep

      I am a vegan who travels to 3rd world countries a lot. I DO consider it a privilege to be vegan. The fact that I can get vegan chicken sandwiches and smoothies any time of year is beyond privilege. The western world has so many privileges. I was raised by a single mom who could not afford to buy healthy vegan food for me when I was 8yrs old and wanted to be vegetarian. Now I can afford to follow my heart. Everyone has a path and this is mine. I am so glad that one of my privileges affords me the opportunity to stand for the things I believe in and not just fight and work for survival alone, like so many people do. Not to mention most third world countries you visit depend on grains and legumes more than animals to sustain their diet, because over there meat is the privilege. I actually have more trouble being vegan in Spain than in Kenya or Nicaragua.
      I guess the question is if you eat meat is it because there is no other way you’d survive or because you just like eating meat and don’t want to give it up? There is no wrong answer I just think we should all be clear on why we feel the way we feel about other peoples choices, when they are choices.

    • dominiqueelisep

      I guess asaVegan,Idon’t understand when people want to make fun of it so hard.Ialways bring my own food to events soIdon’t have to ask anyone to rearange their lives for me.Ionly discuss it ifIam asked by someone who really wants to know about veganism (or jokingly with good friends).Idon’t hate on anyone, and thats the point.Ibecame vegan for compassionate reasons. UnlessIwas starvingIwould never kill and animal for food (or if freezing for clothing) soIcan’t ask someone else to do it for me, simple as that.Ifelt something clicked into place in my life whenIbecame vegan. Isn’t that something we should all be happy about in other peoples lives. Just let me do my thing, if you are inspired follow your path to veganism, if not then express compassion in YOUR own unique way.

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