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    • dominickb3

      speaking out against this isn’t hate speech or homophobia (truly who actually fearsadrag queen?) this isasin in the eyes of god by the teachings of EVERY major religion on the face of the planet for centuries. and if my OPINION offends you, you might wanna get some thicker skin.idon’t support this for the same reasonidon’t support adultery, plain and simple. no amount of garbage is going to FORCE major religions to accept this practice within their walls. what it boils down to is getting tax benefits/legal benefits. money-thats it- ill end this on one last point; there hasnt been1single argument made that couldnt be used for justification forawoman to marryatoddler or like the Korean fellow afew years back, marryavideo game character. no disrespect intended and no animals were harmed in the making of this post

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