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10 Stupid Things Adults Can Do With Wrapping Paper

Some are cool....some are cruel...but they are all pretty funny.

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Isn’t wrapping paper just awesome? There’s endless fun to be had if you get bored over the summer, so here are some top suggestions of 10 stupid things adults can do with wrapping paper…

1. Wrap Yourself


Before the other half gets home, wrap yourself up with a note saying "unwrap me". Kind of romantic, no? If not heading down the romance route, simply wrap yourself up and enjoy the pure bliss of not having to lift a finger round the house. It's like a duvet but cooler.

2. Wrap The Toilet Seat

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This is particularly fun when you observe a member of your family desperate for the toilet and you've just wrapped up the seat so they have to tear it off in a panic to be able to "relieve" themselves. Works brilliantly with bubble wrap too.

3. Wrap a Car

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Okay; so you’ll need quite a bit of wrapping paper for this and it will take some time but after a few hours you’ll be able to admire your masterpiece. Ignore the neighbour’s looks as you start to cover your car in wrap. It could even make a wonderful prank – perhaps your fella has been dropping hints about a new car he'd like….so just wrap up his old one and he'll think it’s some new wheels underneath! If men try this, you may have to sleep in the car afterwards...

4. Wrap an Empty Bottle of Wine or Beer

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The perfect prank for a housewarming party or birthday celebration. Simple and effective – particularly as you‘ve gone to the trouble of wrapping it up. Only practise on those that can take a joke though – definitely not recommended for first time meet ‘n’ greets.

5. Wrap a Paperclip

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Why? Just for the LOLs. It’s a paperclip. It has no real purpose as a gift, but you could always pretend it’s there to symbolise something and leave the recipient guessing what it could be. Like it’s a really romantic gesture but actually, it’s just a stupid gift.

6. Wrap an Empty Packet of Rolos

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Aaah, we've always wanted to be special enough to receive someone's last Rolo ever since the 1990s. Well now you can show your loved one just how much they mean to you by giving them the empty packet of Rolos. They're bound to see that you were thinking of them and just because there isn't any chocolate in there doesn't mean it wasn't presented with love. Disclaimer: Avoid practising this on chocolate-starved women.

7. Wrap a Tissue

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The fact that no-one would expect to receive a tissue wrapped up is precisely what makes it amusing. If you know someone who always has a cold or the 'sniffles', give the gift of a wrapped up tissue! Also recommended for anyone who cries at sad movies.

8. Wrap 1p

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Everyone teenager wants more money, right? How about starting with the smallest possible gift of just 1p. Wrap it up and watch their faces when they open it. When you give them 5p next time they’ll feel rich!

9. Wrap some Wrap

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Give the gift of wrap. That’s it! Nothing in the wrap, just some wrap. Makes a great (but somewhat cruel) pass the parcel at a kids party if you really want to take this idea and run with it. The kids just keep unwrapping wrap – cue the big kid parents giggling in the corner and possibly a few children’s tears that follow. Okay so we think this might be a bit harsh…

10. Make a Wrap Dress

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For the fashionistas out there, a simple wrap dress complements a wide range of figures. So what about making a REAL wrap dress? A wrap dress made out of, ahem, wrap. If Lady Gaga can do a meat dress, we're pretty sure a wrapping paper dress is going to be easy enough. Don't ask us where to start though – we just think the idea is cool.

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