10 Things Only Science Majors Will Understand

Labs, labs, labs!

1. You have a favorite program to analyze data.

Whether it be Excel, JMP, or SPSS.

2. You can’t spell but you know almost every element on the periodic table.

Someone needs to find 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6…

3. How infuriating having an incompetent lab partner can be.

Whether it be cross contamination or burning an agar plate, it’s always an experience.

4. Once you go APA, you never go back. Et al.

Sorry for the terrible pun.

5. You have a favorite pipettor and lab isn’t lab without it.

6. How heartbreaking a non-significant p-value is after long, intensive research.

Followed by anger and resentment.

7. Precision and accuracy are not the same thing.

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve explained this.

8. When people don’t believe in evolution or any type of selection.

Because it’s normally due to close mindedness.

Read some papers and journals-expand your horizons!

9. Having a favorite amino acid/molecule/organism.

Guanine, benzocaine, and Arctic foxes are mine. :)

10. And of course, getting to know all of your professors through lab and research.

Cause let’s face it.

Science majors unite!

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