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    10 Amazing Photos From A Dog’s Perspective

    Guaranteed to make your day

    Meet Tula (pictured here with her sister). She is a rescue dog, therapy dog, and budding canine photographer! Tula takes amazing photos of her friends at the dog park using a GoPro camera on a harness.

    Tula and her siblings were found abandoned on the side of a road in a birdcage, but thanks to the wonderful people at Second Chance Animal Rescue she found a loving home. Tula loves hunting imaginary squirrels, being a therapy dog at a local Children’s hospital, and of course taking photos of her friends at the dog park!

    Here are a few of her best shots:

    1. There’s nothing better than playing in the mud

    2. This german shepherd wants a big hug!

    3. Best friends stick together

    4. I just want to be a ballerina!

    5. Well hello, there!

    6. Look how tall I am!

    7. You can’t catch me!

    8. C’mon, let’s play!

    9. Pure happiness

    10. How could anyone resist this muddy fluff-ball?

    See more of Tula’s photography on her Instagram page @caninehappyhour

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