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13 Awkward Moments Everyone Has At The Doctor's Office

"First the doctor told me the good news -- I was going to have a disease named after me." -Steve Martin.

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1. Volunteering to take off more clothes than you need to.

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Surprisingly, you can leave your pants on while the nurse checks your blood pressure.

2. Lying about how much alcohol you drink.

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According to a report from the CDC, only 1 in 6 adults talk to their doctor honestly about their drinking.

3. Getting squeamish when they draw your blood.

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It's why they work in health care and you don't.

4. Lying about how healthy your diet is.

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Unfortunately, the cholesterol panel doesn't lie.

5. Asking if you should take your shoes off before you step on the scale.

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...and being told it doesn't matter.

6. Lying about whether or not you do drugs.

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Your answer probably depends on whether or not you can get a prescription out of it.

7. Waiting on an exam table in your underwear by yourself for an undisclosed amount of time.

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No, they didn't forget about you.

8. Forgetting to exhale.

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"Now take a deep breath" doesn't mean hold it in until you turn blue and pass out.

9. Lying about how much sex you have.

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Either more or less depending on your current level of shame.

10. Not being able to pee into a cup on command.

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Not to mention worrying about what they're going to find.

11. Lying about whether or not you exercise.

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You seem to do a lot of lying.

12. Casually mentioning your embarrassing new medical symptom like it's no big deal.

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Don't worry, doctors have heard it all before...

13. Showing your genitals to complete strangers.

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...and doctors have seen it all before, too!

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