Signs That You Are An Overpacker

Packing for a trip is filled with emotions. From feeling excited to overwhelmed, here are signs that you may be overpacking for that weekend getaway.

1. You’re off to a good start this time by preparing a packing list.

2. Your list says to pack 2 pairs of pants but somehow every pair of pants in your closet is now sitting in your suitcase.

3. And who could forget about shoes. I mean you need to have options to match all the pairs of pants you’re bringing, right?

4. You’re going to the beach for a weekend but prepare for every type of weather situation possible.

5. At this point, you have pulled out the second suitcase and are questioning how things went so wrong. You had a list!

6. Finally after emptying out pretty much most of your closet and zipping up the two extra suitcases, you are ready to travel.

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