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14 Politically Themed Cocktails

Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, Marxist or Maoist, neo-con or pastafarian, shaken or stirred, there's a politicalcoholic concoction out there for you.

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1. The Ambassador's Morning Lift


For those whose diplomatic immunity has not yet been revoked.


- 32 oz. of Eggnog

- 6 oz. of Cognac

- 3 oz. of Jamaica Rum

- 3 oz. of Brown Creme de Cacao

"Mix in a large punchbowl, and serve in cups. Garnish each cup with grated nutmeg." - BarNoneDrinks

2. The Compassionate Conservative


For the contrarian in all of us.


- 1.5 oz. orange-flavored vodka

- Passion fruit puree

- A splash of champagne

"Pour into cocktail shaker, strain into cocktail glass." - InTheCapital

3. The Hillary


For Hillary hopefuls and Commander in Chief fans.


- 1 oz. vodka

- .5 oz. apple pucker

- 1 oz. Southern Comfort

- 1.5 oz. Tom Collins mix

- Crushed ice

"Mix or shake together and pour over ice into a tall glass." - DrivesMeToDrink

4. The Mitt and Ann


Though outdated, the non-alcoholic Mitt and Ann is best enjoyed watching the former on Netflix.


- 3 oz. apple juice

- 1 tsp. lemon juice

- .5 tsp. grenadine syrup

- Crushed ice

- Orange slice

"Mix together and pour in a fun glass over crushed ice." - DrivesMeToDrink

6. The Politically Erect


Another ode to Slick Willie. For those who regularly quote Anchorman.


- 4/5 oz. Bourbon

- 1/5 oz. Sprite

- 2 pieces nuts, hazelnuts

"Mix ingredients over rocks. Garnish with 2 nuts." - Submitted by Ryanpangle at DrinkNation

8. The Gay Russian


While some chose to boycott Russian vodka altogether, others resorted to mixology to protest the Sochi Games.

Ingredients (1):

- 1 oz. Vanilla vodka

- 1 oz. Irish cream

- 1 oz. Milk (or cream)

"Build cocktail in iced lowball glass; pour vanilla vodka over ice followed by irish cream and stir cream/milk into the glass." - MixDrinkipedia

Ingredients (2):

- Freeze different colors of Kool-Aid in ice cube trays

- Add Sprite (optional)

- Add vodka (liberally)

Recipe from SportsGrid

9. The Crimea River


This punny cocktail is the go-to drink for those pulling allnighters at the Pentagon, Kremlin, or Buzzfeed's Breaking. (For those who don't get it.)


- Tanqueray gin

- Rose water

- Violet liqueur

- Lemon juice

- Lavender foam

A variation of this cocktail exists using sherry and Bovril. Recipes from TheStar and TalesOfTheCocktail.

10. The Communists and Tonic


Because you can only drink so much Pernod, Anis del Torro, Kofola, and Cuba Libre.


- 1 part Limoncello

- 3 parts vodka

- Tonic water

"Shake vodka and limoncello in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass and top with tonic water." - Submitted by erazure at DrinkNation.

11. The Obamatini


This presidential-legacy-in-a-glass features pineapple. Because Hawaii.


- 3 oz. Pineapple juice

- 2 oz. Gin

- 3/4 oz. Lime juice

- 3/4 oz. Simple syrup

- 1/4 - 1/2 Serrano or Thai chili

- Angostura bitters

"Add ingredients into a shaker, crush the chili inside of the shaker. Add ice, then shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain into a cocktail glass, garnish with a lemon twist, raise it to your dreams, and drink." - WhiteOnRiceCouple

12. The Air Force One


For frequent flyers, presidential hopefuls, Nelly, and die-hard Harrison Ford fans.


- 2 oz. Hpnotiq Liqueur

- 1 oz. citrus vodka

- Juice from a lemon wedge

- Lemon-lime soda

- Lemon spiral for garnish

"Fill tall glass with all ingredients and add ice. Stir well. Garnish with a lemon spiral." - Recipe by Bridget Albert (Hypnotiq) at

13. The Vodka Martini


Though the Vodka Martini is James Bond's fictional favorite, the drink also enjoys IRL popularity among politicians, diplomats and former spies, particularly George Blake, who enjoys drinking it with the Cambridge Five during his retirement (exile).

14. The Whistleblower

Via Flickr: raincoaster

Originally made in honor of Julian Assange, this cocktail can be enjoyed by Snowden fans as well. For the renegade in all of us.

CAUTION: Cocktail is prone to leaks.


- 1.5 oz. Imperia vodka

- .25 oz. Giffard Banane du Bresil French liqueur

- .5 oz. Panama Rum

- 4 dashes of orange bitters

- 1 Fresh lime peel zest

"Stir, strain, add the zest. Serve it all in a beautiful coupe." - Detailed recipe at ManoloFood

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