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    12 Facts That Show Today's Youth Are The Most Boring In History

    Twenty is the new forty. And vice versa.

    If you read the Daily Mail, or listen to our politicians, this is what you might think young people today look like.

    But the reality is that they are actually incredibly well-behaved.

    1. Young people today are basically sober.

    The same applies to women. As you prepare to disappear off to yet another Christmas party, this may not seem entirely plausible - but it is true.

    2. They don't seem to be taking any drugs.

    Cannabis in particular has fallen out of fashion. In 2001, nearly half of young people had tried cannabis - today, the figure is less than a third. Perhaps because it is such a rubbish drug.

    3. Or even smoking.

    4. Amazingly, today's teenagers are actually more polite than previous generations.

    5. They're not skipping school either.

    Well if you're not smoking, drinking, or taking drugs, why would you?

    6. Nor are they getting pregnant.

    The teenage pregnancy rate is the lowest is has been since the 1960s, when women used to marry at an average age of 22.

    7. Actually, oversexualised teenagers are the only ones not getting STIs...

    Politicians worry a great deal about the sexualisation of our children. On the basis of these figures, they'd do better worrying about their own generation.

    8. Indeed, young people have swapped with old in more ways than one.

    9. On some issues, they seem to genuinely be more right-wing.

    10. So what the hell is going on?

    Well, one explanation is that more young people are living at home - where it is hard to be too badly-behaved.

    11. And teenagers don't have jobs any more.

    Which means less money to spend on booze, drugs and cigarettes.

    12. More than ever are going to university.

    So in conclusion, today's young people are the most boring generation in recent history.