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    12 Signs You Were A Music Major

    Aside from the constant singing, humming, and tapping.

    1. You are never without a pencil.

    2. When a commercial plays Carmina Burana, you can continue singing it for five minutes.

    3. You harmonize and analyze Top 40 Hits.

    4. Birthday parties are an opportunity to show off your skills.

    5. You assume everything in life requires a lot of work with little pay.

    6. Your automatic response to invitations is "I can't. I have rehearsal."

    7. Your roommates hate you.

    8. You conduct in your car.

    9. At sporting events, you enjoy the half time show.

    10. You reprimand friends on their breath support while yelling.

    11. You look forward to recitals for the receptions afterwards.

    12. You have amazing posture.