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    • djayviciousness

      I DJ foraliving and I’m notadouche bag.Idon’t think I’masuperstar. I’m notashow DJ where people are watching me doaset.Iam there to facilitate dancing for the crowd. Some guests have good requests and others just come up and piss me off like this article suggested. It’s really the nature of any service job and you learn to shrug it off afterawhile.Ithink people should definitely requestasong if they want it played but it doesn’t mean I’m going to play it. I’m the professional andIam there precisely to make those decisions. If everyone got to hear whatever they wanted, the people who hired me would be pissed that the dance floor was clear. And in response to another post, once inawhileaperson requests something I’ve never heard of.Idon’t thinkIshouldn’t call myselfaDJ because of that. And often timesIdo check it out atalater time and add it to my library. Also, plugging someone’s phone into my system would usually require me to stop mixing and cross fading and that would take the rhythm out of the dance floor. If you need to hear the song that bad, play it in the car on the way home. As far as talent goes,Ithinkalot of DJs are very talented and creative. Of course most of the time it’s other peoples’ music but it’s HOW they use other peoples’ music that is cool. With experience comes know-how and success.Idon’t consider myself “talented” so-to-speak but I’m good at whatIdo and people like it. As for the people who come up and claim they could doabetter job, ifIintroduced them as the guest DJ and stepped aside they’d fail because the music has to pleaseacrowd, not just that person. If they think they know the right music but they aren’t familiar with the software, well, they couldn’t doabetter job. It’s not iTunes.Ipracticed to get good. No one steps up to the plate and hitsahome run on their first swing. Anyway,Idon’t tell people to fuck off andIdon’t tape notes to my table to avoid all the annoyances. But some people are plain rude and that’s on them-it’s not an “occupational hazard”.Ijust try to take the night as it comes and keep as many people happy as possible. I’m always going to side with the majority. If you ask me to play something thatITHINK is going to take the air out of the place, sorry, that’s my call, no matter how irate you get. Thanks for reading. Not all DJs are the same and the customer is not always right. Cheers.

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