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    10 DIY Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Say "WOW!"

    Father's Day is here and that means it's time to get creative and find a great gift. Check out these awesome DIY craft ideas for dad!

    Father's day is here and it is time to get creative and find the perfect gift for dad. There are so many things you can buy off the self from a store, but these fun DIY gifts will make your dad say "WOW!" Enjoy!

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    1. Superhero Card

    2. DIY Soda Pop (Candy) Box Set

    3. D A D Wood Letters Photo

    4. DIY Bungee Organizer

    5. Roll Up Tool Holder

    6. Remote Control Cookies

    7. Homemade Laptop Riser Stand

    8. Wooden Beer Totes

    9. Swiss Army Key Ring

    10. Handmade Fishing Pole