20 reasons Why Pakistan Is The Absolute Worst Place On Earth

If you've been alive for more than a day, you know that Pakistan is a dangerous, crazy wild blast from the stone age. So, me and my friend Moebin Hafiz (who has travelled the country for his Travel Diaries) have set out to prove why Pakistan really is the worst place on earth.

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11, There is nothing to do

Travel Diaries / Via Facebook: traveldiariespk

It’s a traveler’s most boring nightmare. Nothing worth seeing. And absolutely NO mountain ranges worth trekking.

(Moebin even went looking for something to do. As you can see, he found nothing. Absolutely nothing.)

12, It is a nation of politically brainwashed, simpleminded zombies

#LUMS4AcademicFreedom / Via LUMS

No one ever protests against corruption. This right here is not a student protest at a prominent university against the atrocities in Balochistan.

20, And finally, Pathans are the worst of all

Dawn / Via

Now that we've established that Pakistan is disgust personified, let's also agree that in Pakistan, the north is particularly bad. Anyone with the slightest connection to KPK is crazy, ugly and has no talent beyond an AK 47. Proof, Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, Jehangir and Jansher Khan, Marina Khan and Wiqar Ali Khan.

(On a serious note. Our attempt is inspired by the Iranian version, we believe that Iran is stunning.)

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