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    20 reasons Why Pakistan Is The Absolute Worst Place On Earth

    If you've been alive for more than a day, you know that Pakistan is a dangerous, crazy wild blast from the stone age. So, me and my friend Moebin Hafiz (who has travelled the country for his Travel Diaries) have set out to prove why Pakistan really is the worst place on earth.

    1, The capital city is essentially a mud sack with a bonfire

    Picasa / Via

    Seriously, we could gag.

    Travel Diaries / Via Facebook: traveldiariespk

    And again. Why would anyone want to see this?

    2, It’s just plain ugly

    Travel Diaries / Via Facebook: traveldiariespk

    The whole place is one giant wasteland.

    Travel Diaries / Via Facebook: traveldiariespk

    It has the scenic beauty of a tin can. Eww!

    3, The people are hideous

    Fashion Central / Via

    Not a single hottie in sight. Mahira Khan, Iman Ali, Abdullah Ejaz, Sheheryar Siddiqui, Abass Jaffri. They look so bad, it hurts.

    4, Pakistani men are horrible human beings

    Edhi Foundation / Via

    Abdul Sattar Edhi's philanthropic efforts? Blah!


    Ansar Burney Official / Via Facebook: AnsarBurney.Official

    Ansar Burney advocating for national and international human rights issues? Blah Blah!

    Totally, utterly, completely unimpressive.

    5, The ports? Pfft,

    Via Travel Diaries

    Hardly functional. Look at those ships. Pathetic!

    6, History? Pakistan doesn't believe in preserving history

    Ayesha Naveed for Travel Diaries

    The Badshahi Mosque? Yeah, nothing to see here.

    7, The heritage sights are nothing special

    Travel Diaries / Via Facebook: traveldiariespk

    The Katasraj Temples? Remnants of an ancient civilisation? Meh.

    8, The architecture is boring

    Sheesh Mahal / Via

    A hall of mirrors? Please. A bubble bath is more interesting.

    9, Also, there is absolutely nothing special about the mosques

    Faisal Mosque / Via

    So unoriginal. We could cry

    10, Their musical taste is abysmal


    Clearly, this one requires no explanation.

    11, There is nothing to do

    Travel Diaries / Via Facebook: traveldiariespk

    It’s a traveler’s most boring nightmare. Nothing worth seeing. And absolutely NO mountain ranges worth trekking.

    (Moebin even went looking for something to do. As you can see, he found nothing. Absolutely nothing.)

    12, It is a nation of politically brainwashed, simpleminded zombies

    #LUMS4AcademicFreedom / Via LUMS

    No one ever protests against corruption. This right here is not a student protest at a prominent university against the atrocities in Balochistan.

    13, The film industry is primitive


    Cringe worthy

    Being Pakistani

    And there is no acting talent

    14, Never has a Pakistani creative mind accomplished anything, ever

    Dawn / Via

    No Pakistani film maker has ever won an oscar

    HSY website / Via

    Pakistani fashion designers are glorified tailors with no business sense

    Dawn / Via

    After all, there's a reason why the world doesn't care about Pakistani fashion

    15, The food is overcooked and unappetising

    think twice Pakistan

    You might as well chew on cardboard.

    And don't even get us started about the desserts

    16, All Pakistani politicians are drunk, feudal maniacs

    Asad Umar Official / Via Facebook: AsadUmar.PTIOfficial

    Yes. Every. Single. One.

    17, They don't have a sense of humour

    Danish Ali Official / Via Facebook: Danishalifanpage

    There are no politically satirical comedians in Pakistan

    Osman Khalid Butt / Via

    Nope. None. Zero. Siphar.

    18, All the women are oppressed and suicidal

    Maria Toorpakay / Via Express Tribune

    She's so sad. Just look at her.

    19, There are no exciting tourist spots

    Port Grand official / Via Facebook: PortGrandPakistan

    Sheesh, so tacky! We'd rather watch paint dry.

    20, And finally, Pathans are the worst of all

    Dawn / Via

    Now that we've established that Pakistan is disgust personified, let's also agree that in Pakistan, the north is particularly bad. Anyone with the slightest connection to KPK is crazy, ugly and has no talent beyond an AK 47. Proof, Imran Khan, Shahid Afridi, Jehangir and Jansher Khan, Marina Khan and Wiqar Ali Khan.

    (On a serious note. Our attempt is inspired by the Iranian version, we believe that Iran is stunning.)

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