12 Reasons Why We Will Always Love DJ Tanner

From the first moment we saw her, we immediately fell in love with the eldest Tanner sister. She shall forever be the standard of TV big sisters for decades to come...and here's why.

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1. People emulate her style.

2. When it comes to working out, she is not afraid to to push it to the extreme.

3. She knows the meaning of a well-balanced meal.

4. She's not afraid to experiment with different looks.

5. She knows how to stay humble.

6. When someone tries to steal her boyfriend that's not really her boyfriend, she knows how to fight back...especially when that fake boyfriend is '90s singing sensation Tommy Page.

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7. She's a sister that will not only take you shopping for candy, but also sing about it while doing it...on a telethon no less.

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8. She has a specialty in spackling and improvisational singing.

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9. She is full of sports trivia, knows the correct way to pronounce "football," and she can kick Kirk Cameron's ass.

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11. She's just an overall fun gal who knows how to let loose!

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