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10 US States With The Best Songs

A ranking of the 10 best songs about a U.S. State

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Deep in the Heart of Texas

Gene Autry

Songs about Texas are vast. Like, REALLY vast, and there are many greats. And choosing one song is tough because Texas is kind of like it's own country. But, among all the greats, this is perhaps one of the most well known and most appreciated songs about the Lone Star State.


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Sweet Home Chicago

The Blues Brothers

Made famous by Jim Belushi and Dan Acroyd ala SNL’s Blues Brothers, this song serves not only as a battle cry for proud Chicagoians everywhere, but as a constant reminder that the best comedic talents come from one place and one place only: Chicago.


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Rocky Top

Osborne Brothers

This infectious country/bluegrass classic was officially listed as one of Tennessee’s official state songs back in the 1980s. It is also considered the unofficial fight song for the University of Tennessee Volunteers. Trust me, if you’ve ever attended (or watched) a Volunteers football game, you’re well aware of this song, as the UT band basically plays it non-stop throughout (and, subsequently, you're guaranteed to find yourself humming it for a week. Goddammit, Rocky Top!)


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I Love L.A.

Randy Newman

While there are a plethora of songs about the state of California out there, perhaps none capture a sense of hometown pride more than Randy Newman’s 1983 classic, “I Love L.A.” A proud native of Los Angeles himself, Newman’s lyrics somehow manage to both celebrate and disparage the city, while maintaining an undeniable sense of love and hometown pride.


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When the Saints Go Marching In

Louis Armstrong

Although not technically a song about Louisiana, this unofficial anthem of the Bayou State has become synonymous with the rich cultural history of Louisiana—in particular, the roots of jazz music in the vibrant town of New Orleans.


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My Old Kentucky Home

Stephen Foster

Two words: Kentucky Derby. A song steeped with tradition, it is virtually impossible not to get chills when you hear the crowd join together to sing this pre-race tribute to the Blue Grass State. Plus there are the Mint Juleps. Throw some bourbon into the mix and we can all sing like pros, right?


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Sweet Home Alabama

Lynyrd Skynyrd

The story behind this song has a bit of controversy to it, but the underlying sentiment is evident to be one of Southern/Alabama pride. You've heard the song a million times (Note to Classic Rock stations across the nation: This song is VERY overplayed. Please stop with this.), but no matter what, you'll always find it somewhat infectious.


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New York, New York

Frank Sinatra

Chances are, you’ve done Rockette-style, synchronized leg kicks to the tune of this classic NYC anthem at least once in your life. And if not, you’ve at least sung along to the familiar lyrics at one point or another. Big dreams, bright lights, excitement—the very essence of the Big Apple—are all captured in this classic Sinatra megahit.


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Georgia On My Mind

Ray Charles

While many of the songs on this list capture the essence of their intended state, none capture the undying love and longing for one’s home state more than Ray Charles’s soulful tribute to the Peach State in this "old sweet song." And whether a Georgian or not, the sentiment of "home" expressed is one that we can all understand.

1. U.S.A.

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America, the Beautiful

Ray Charles

And the winner is…everyone! Why? Because…‘Murica!

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