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Young Future Artist REMAKES T-pain -Lily Allens- Wiz Khalifa's 5 O'clock in the Morning

YOung boy from North Carolina gets in his homemade studio basement to record the T-pain's and Lily allens and wiz khalifas "5 o clock in the morning" REMIX. As young as this kid is,he knows all about the song and delivers a good rap with catchy lines. What would the original writers say about his Future Career?Should we ask?He says he Wants Music for the people and bring more Stereo Play music? Instead of that Radio Music He wants to deliver a Full Album that you can listen from beginning to End & put it in your CD player or save it in your Chill Playlist A mood Chill Album and Not just an Album where The radio or a few listeners pick 2 or 3 tracks but the whole Album Itself. It seems like this kid really knows a lot about Branding his Music. He Doesnt just wanna make a business in his career but himself be the business and for a music career he definitely knows that. Follow me on twitter for more BUZZ @tweetwithdileon

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