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33 Reasons You Know Your Computer Has Taken Over Your Life

A lot of people work in front of a computer all day, but some need to remember to take a break every once in a while.

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1. This is pretty much your life.

2. And not just Monday to Friday...

3. You start every day super focused.

4. But sitting in front of a screen all day slowly drives you crazy.

5. So by 5pm you have lost all focus.

6. But you're a pro so you know how to seem busy.

7. You're very aware how distracting the internet can be.

Far too distracting.

8. You've posted things online or sent out emails you immediately regretted.

9. You google questions and will argue if someone's answer differs from Google.

10. When your family asks you how to work something on their PC, you immediately think of them like this:

11. Your nightmare is forgetting your login details.

12. Because you never know the answer to this question:

13. You're unreasonably possessive over your computer.

14. You take everything posted online far too seriously and it makes you angry.

15. You've seen things on the internet you wish you hadn't.

16. In fact, you've seen something truly horrifying online at least once.

17. But you've also seen things that have genuinely pulled at your heartstrings.

18. And sometimes you find things that make you really happy.

19. Yet your brain doesn't know how to function when your computer doesn't do what it should.

20. You think this will help when your computer freezes.

21. And if it doesn't, then this really should.

22. If that still doesn't work, you think about doing this:

23. But instead you do this, because you genuinely think it will help.

24. When you manage to fix things you act like this:

25. But when things still don't work, you feel lost and don't know what to do.

26. Even when you're not working, you don't know how to live without the internet.

27. You need your computer and you don't think people understand how much.

28. Some would say you've developed an unhealthy relationship with your computer.

29. You're convinced it's pretty normal.

30. It's become increasingly difficult to get your attention and pull you away from your computer.

31. You've tried using your mouse on objects on your desk.

32. And you've had to remind yourself what things do "offline."

33. So maybe it's time to admit it...

And spend some time outside for a change.

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