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Locations In The USA You Must Photograph

Here's our (non-exhaustive!) list of some of most photogenic locations in USA. These are definitely places you should add to your photography bucket list!

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Savannah, Georgia

Step back in time in this well-preserved southern city, which was one of the few to be spared by the victorious Union Army at the end of the US Civil War. Amazing gardens and architecture will keep you occupied for days.


Bryce Canyon, Utah

This stunning wonder isn’t actually a canyon, despite its name. Rather it’s an amazing natural amphitheatre created by millions of years of erosion, which has exposed delicate and colourful pinnacles called hoodoos.


Jackson Hole, Wyoming

This valley sits between two of the most stunning geological features on earth: Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton mountains, which rise some 7000 feet above the valley floor. Jackson is often used as a place to rest when travelling between the two, but the winding Snake River, local elk refuges and views of glaciers make Jackson well worth a longer stay.


Puget Sound, Washington state

OK, it might be cheating to include a large body of water like this, but you could easily spend a week, let alone a lifetime, documenting Puget’s coastline, numerous islands and marine life. To experience something truly special, book one of the local whale-watching trips. Just make sure you pack a long lens!


Zion National Park, Utah

Are you seeing a trend here? The American southwest is for landscapes what the Sistine Chapel is for paintings. Tip: book one of the many horse-riding trips on offer in the park. These 2- and 3-hour excursions get you off the beaten track, and while you can’t really bring a tripod, there is often time to stop and take pictures.


Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is famous for the Sears Tower, harsh winters and Al Capone, but for street photographers it’s an ideal location, perhaps even more so than New York. Visit during summer and take your camera down to the lakefront where the city congregates to escape the humidity.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona

This is the most visited and photographed slot canyon in the American southwest for a reason: the bright red sandstone and seemingly flowing rocks is breath-taking to behold. Be warned, though, that photography within the canyon is difficult due to the wide exposure range (often 10 EV or more) made by light reflecting off its walls.


Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico

An overlooked state, New Mexico is home to some geological wonders, and Carlsbad’s surprisingly well-lit stalactites and stalagmites are breath-taking to behold, but you’ll need your higher ISO settings.


White Sands, New Mexico

This stunning area of desert looks like no other place on Earth. In fact, it looks so much like the moon it’s rumoured to be the location where Stanley Kubrick filmed a faux moon landing for the US government… if you believe that sort of stuff.

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