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    The Most Impressive Star Trail Photographs

    Woah. Photographing star trails involves one of the trickiest photography techniques to master, but these photographers know what they're doing.

    Flickr: fotographiks / Via

    Trillium Trails © Nagesh Mahadev

    Flickr: stephenoachs / Via

    The Time Traveler © Stephen Oachs / Via

    Star Light, Star Bright © Kevin L Cole / Via

    The Lake © Caras Ionut / Via

    Bromo Before Sunrise © Weerapong Chaipuck / Via

    Startrails © Gytis Vidziunas / Via

    Night Lights © Gary Randall / Via

    Thanks Heaven © Andrew Whyte

    Flickr: Summit42 / Via

    Camp Trails © Bill Church / Via

    Stars © Song Hongxiao / Via

    Sky Vandalism © Steven Christenson / Via

    © Alexander Drakon / Via

    Abandoned © Caras Ionut / Via

    Circling The Dead © Marsel van Oosten

    Flickr: stephenoachs / Via

    Imagination © Stephen Oachs / Via

    66 Minute Star Trails © Steve MacKay / Via

    Railroad to the Galaxies © Ryan Wright / Via

    The Celestial Equator © Luis Argerich

    If you want to try this yourself, we have just the tutorial you need to get you started with your star trail photography (or alternatively, here’s how to fake star trails in Photoshop)!

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