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3 Disney Films You Must Be Reminded Of Right Now...

...that you can watch on Youtube!

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Donald In Mathmagic Land

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Did you ever want to learn more about musical scales, pythagorean theorem, golden ratio, spirals? Come on...I know you do! Only disney could make a movie about Math this beautiful, interesting and easy to understand. Watching this on repeat as a child is the source of my nerdiness today i'm convinced.

Fun and Fancy Free

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This film taught me to hate the circus, develop healthy relationships by "Saying it with a Slap" and that David always beat Goliath, or in the this case Bongo outwits Lumpjaw. And then it left me wondering how uncomfortable it would be to have a golden harp stuck to your back and no feet.

The Three Caballeros

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Despite its good will and ambassadorial intent to the lands south-of-the-border this visual masterpiece is wrought with wonderfully brutal stereotypes and innocently ignorant inaccuracies that would fire up any spicy blooded latino, but we'll ignore those for all intents and nostalgic purposes.

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