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Ivorian Farmers Taste Chocolate For The First Time And Blow Their Minds

"It's nice. White people are addicted to it."

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A videojournalist from Metropolis traveled to Ivory Coast, the world's largest cocoa exporter, to find out more about how its farmers work. What he discovered was both amazing and worrisome.

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The farmers who work in the cocoa cultivations harvest the beans, but are clueless to the end result. When the journalist surprises them with a chocolate bar, made out of cocoa beans, they hardly believe it. When they taste it, it's basically a brand new world opened for them.


The "precious" good gets passed around friends and family, savouring its taste despite being hardly available in that country and at a high cost.

A similar scenario takes place at a plantation where they cover the beans with banana leaves to speed up the 5-day fermentation process. It is here where the laborers finally have the privilege to enjoy the result of a hard work that is often overlooked.

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