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    Carter And Toby Are The Cutest Instagram Couple Ever

    Where one goes, the other follows. Always.

    What could be cuter than a series of images of an adorably chubby cheeked toddler and his furry sidekick?

    They are Carter and Toby, and they're documenting their adorable relationship with more than 30,000 followers on Instagram.

    The images, taken by Carter's mom Devin Crouch, capture the everyday activities of the pair. They do everything together, like going through finances...

    ...sharing the bathtub...

    ...taking a nap...

    ...playing hide and seek...

    ...working out with Mommy...

    ...going for a ride downtown...

    ...and celebrate birthdays.

    Toby even comforts little Carter as he goes through his so-called "epic meltdowns."

    To melt your heart even more, here are more lovely moments of Carter and Toby, caught on film.

    View this video on YouTube

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