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Bill Murray Continues To Be Bill Murray And Pops Up At An Ice Cream Truck

"I met my idol tonight..."

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If you happen to roll around the Golden State and crave for the soft serve, chances are you probably tasted the goods from CVT. Chocolate-Vanilla-Twist, that is.

Joe Nicchi and his wife Tyler, tired of California frozen yogurt trends, launched their own mobile operation, keeping it simple and serving their creamy flavors from inside a repurposed Mr. Softee truck, affectionately named Charlie.

After a hard day at work, the Nicchis were rewarded by a very special guest, who is appearently everywhere.

Yes, that is Bill Murray, being Bill Murray, enjoying some soft serve ice cream.

He went out to eat much more ice cream and take photos with other costumers.

AllenRueckert / Via Twitter: @AllenRueckert

Murray is not the only one with the crave for the soft serve. Halle showed up once and loved it.

Hardly any dull moment at the job for CVT.

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