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An Interactive Doc Will Make You Look At Other Relationships And Question Yours

30 couples, 412 questions. Plenty of answers and tears.

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You sit down with your partner, face to face, stare at each other and the first thing that comes out of your mouth is: What would you do if I cheated on you?

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It's part of real life, and part of an interactive documentary titled The And, a collaboration between marketing agency Noise, a project called The Skin Deep, and director Topaz Adizes.

The And explores relationships, communication, and how we connect to each other. A Choose Your Own Adventure-style film, according to Nerve, but with less wizards and dragons and more brutal honesty and cheating confessions.

Each visitor will view a different short film based on their answers to four questions posed at the beginning of the experience.

The questions could be anything from "What's the correct usage of money?" to "How do you feel when someone hits on your partner?"; once you've answered them, the website will string together clips from a database of interviews featuring 30 different couples.

The Skin Deep / Via

The couples participating in the project cover a huge variety of relationship types, and they range in age from the very young to the decidedly less young.

Sometimes it's magical to watch; sometimes it's uncomfortable; but watching how people do or don't connect with each other and how they communicate in difficult situations is both fascinating on an intellectual level and incredibly poignant on an emotional one.

Want your own experience? Check out The And and watch the visual intimacy unfold.

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