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    10 Little Known Facts About ABBA

    Forty years ago, four Swedish singers took the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest, held in Brighton, England, in glam attire to sing a song about love and Napoleon. They took home the Grand Prix and a global pop phenomenon was born.

    1. Those outrageous outfits were an easy way to save some "Money Money Money" on their tax bill.

    2. Their stage name was the same as a brand of seafood.

    3. A self-confessed Connie Francis fan and musical prodigy dropped her knickers on stage.

    4. Not everyone in the band was Swedish.

    5. Björn and Benny weren't clean-cut and wholesome after all.

    6. An Oscar-nominee directed their groundbreaking music videos.

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    The Swedes capitalized on their natural good looks, extravagant fashion sense and striking visual appeal by being one of the first groups to use promotional videos to market their music. Most of them were directed by Lasse Hallström, who recieved an Academy Award for Best Director for "My Life as a Dog" and "The Cider House Rules."

    7. They promoted from baby food to TV and electronics.

    8. A 1976 TV Special for the Australian market got more views than the 1969 moon landing.

    9. In 1977, ABBA could've sold out London's Royal Albert Hall 580 times.

    10. Only two acts have been allowed by the band to sample their work.

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    Björn and Benny are notorious for being protective of their catalogue. In 1987, they sued British acid house band The KLF over the unauthorised use of a passage from "Dancing Queen." Almost a decade later, they allowed The Fugees to use a sample from "The Name Of The Game" on their 1996 single "Rumble In The Jungle." Madonna, on the other hand, literally begged them, admiting her love for ABBA. The BB's gave the thumbs-up on "Hung Up." "It is a wonderful track, 100% solid pop music," said Benny.