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    Women Painting WTF They Want

    The artwork highlighted in this new curated column on Buzzfeed is focused exclusively on women. Blurbs written by Lorena Kloosterboer.

    Sheryl Luxenburg

    Anna Wypych

    Jenny Morgan

    Caroline Westerhout

    Rebecca Leveille

    Sharon Moody

    Claudia Kaak

    Amanda Greive

    Patrice Robinson

    Shana Levenson

    Katie Miller

    Daniela Kovacic

    Victoria Selbach

    Shelli Langdale

    Erica Elan Ciganek

    Heidi Elbers

    Erin Anderson

    Michelle Doll

    Sylvia Maier

    Nadine Robbins


    Lee Price

    Carmen Chami

    Judith Peck

    Natalie Holland

    Pam Hawkes

    Tenley DuBois

    Lorena Pugh

    Judy Takács

    Maria Mijares

    Yana Beylinson

    Anzhelika A. Doliba

    Josie McCoy

    Marie Cameron

    Laura Shechter

    Laurence de Valmy

    Camille Engel