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Directory Of Figurative Artists On Instagram

This directory is not in any particular order.

didimenendez • 11 months ago

Ten Figurative Artists To Watch On Instagram

Getting into the figurative art market is not an easy task. Most of these artists at the time this went to press have less than 5000 followers yet it doesn't take a huge number of followers to land into collections. Here are ten whose work I am watching.

didimenendez • 12 months ago

What Portrait Are You Submitting To The Outwin : American Portraiture Today?

In case you are not aware every three years The National Portrait Gallery at the Smithsonian runs a portrait competition for Americans (USA) residents. Amy Sherald won first prize last time around (2016) and she later went on to create Michelle Obama's portrait for the Smithsonian. Thanks to Instagram and hashtags, here are some of the portraits being entered this year. Entries may include traditional painting mediums, drawings, photography, digital, and video. The deadline to submit is September 3, 2018. We will need to wait until after November 12th to find out if any of these made it into the semifinalists.

didimenendez • One year ago

This Artist Paints Famous Masterpieces As Tattoos On Paintings Of Females

Agnieszka Nienartowicz was born in 1991 in Jelenia Góra, a small town in Lower Silesia, Poland. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk, where in 2016 she received a Master of Fine Arts, at the painting studio led by Prof. Maciej Świeszewski with a supplement in drawing under Prof. Maria Targońska. In the years 2011-2013 she studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. She was awarded several scholarships, a number of awards and distinctions. Her works are situated in collections in Poland, United States, Canada, Germany, Austria and Ireland. She is represented by RJD Gallery in New York.

didimenendez • One year ago

10 Figurative Artists Reveal Their Breakthrough Moments

From time to time we get stuck in our creative paths. Here are some inspiring moments which lead to a new road for these figurative artists. These are not in any particular order.

didimenendez • One year ago

Art Made From Trash

Garbage, hand-me-downs, grandma's doilies, trash and recycled materials are the inspiration and sometimes the materials in these works of art.

didimenendez • One year ago

50 Self Portraits On Instagram

When you are an artist all you need are the tools of the trade.

didimenendez • One year ago

50 Beautiful Paintings Of Beautiful Men On Instagram

Usually, the adjective "beautiful" is used when describing a female but it is time to change that. Here are 50 paintings of males in anticipation of our upcoming issue titled EROS GAZE, May 2018. The photo which shows up in the header is by Rose Freymuth-Frazier. One of her paintings will grace the cover. Some of the paintings below were submitted for the publication.

didimenendez • One year ago

100 Artist Studios

Just another 100 List brought to you by Didi Menendez, publisher, and curator of PoetsArtists. It is not in any particular order other than all the artists are members of the PA platform. The way these lists work is that the members are given a secret hashtag to use on Instagram. We are testing out new ways to publish and use social media and this list is one of the results. We also added previously published videos from other projects. In some studios, you may catch a glimpse of some of the works in progress for our upcoming exhibitions. What makes this list so great is that it shows what a strong community of artist take part in our projects.

didimenendez • One year ago

Twenty Spaces Exhibiting Figurative Art (2018 Edition)

With this list, I tried to highlight galleries and museums which have group exhibitions throughout the year and I also took nominations from the PoetsArtists community which includes several art collectors. I also monitor Artsy for solo and group exhibitions throughout the year as well as other submission calls posted on social media. Several of these galleries accept submissions and have open calls throughout the year. This list is comprised of galleries in the USA and abroad.

didimenendez • One year ago

100 Polaroids On Instagram

Polaroids were the first Instagrams. Sometime in the last twenty years, they became obsolete because of the internet and digital photography. This 100 POLAROIDS ON INSTAGRAM list includes artists such as David Hockney, Alessandro Tomassetti, Maria Teicher, Elizabeth Claire, and photographers Lucas Michael, Emily Soto, Jonathan Daniel Pryce, and others This curatorial of polaroids started off as just a list of works I would choose if this were an exhibition. It turned into something greater as I learned that one of the IG accounts was a tribute to someone who wanted to be remembered as an artist and not for his commercial success. Kyle da Firenze was widely known for his window displays. HIs friend James reached out to me and told me the story about the polaroids after I mentioned in a post that I was compiling this list on Buzzfeed Community. Much of the work by Kyle has rarely been seen. Here I present to you 100 Polaroids which capture an irreplaceable moment.

didimenendez • One year ago

100 Facebook Portraits

I think if Picasso were around today, he'd be painting his Facebook friends. From time to time we have all been inspired by our Facebook Friends. Some of the portraits highlighted on this list are traditional head and shoulders and some are just wild like the portrait of the guy with an octopus on his head! There are over a billion users on Facebook. Here are 100 professional artists who from time to time have found the time to render a likeness of their Facebook friends. Maybe one of these will someday be at an auction. Some have already been exhibited. Follow these artists on Instagram and check out all of their work and maybe you will find one to immortalize you in a portrait. One thing I forgot to mention is that these artists are all members of our very strong PoetsArtists community platform. Which is your favorite? Leave your comments below.

didimenendez • One year ago

Who Are The Real Hyperrealist On Instagram?

Will the real hyperrealists please step forward? There are over 200 thousand tagged images with #hyperrealism posted on Instagram. Most of the images posted with the tag are not hyperrealism or even photorealism at all. Instead of having to search through 200 thousand images, here is a listing of 50 REAL Hyperrealists in no particular order.

didimenendez • One year ago

Collector's Corner: A Look At What Art Collectors Are Shopping For

For this article we ask art collectors to look through new work posted on the Community tab of PoetsArtists platform. The art collectors remain anonymous and give feedback on the works they like from the selections. Please keep in mind that this platform centers on Figurative artworks. In some cases the same artwork was chosen more than once since all the collectors participating were selecting from the same works.

didimenendez • One year ago

50 Badass Figurative Painters On Instagram. Yes Figurative.

As the title implies, these are the badass painters chosen by the publisher of PoetsArtists magazine. Some are breaking through and others have been painting for decades.

didimenendez • One year ago

Art Periods And Contemporary Art

As artists grow with their careers, their style of work can't help but change. This allows an artist not to become stagnant and for previous collectors to keep coming back and for new ones to be acquired. For example Pablo Picasso went through the Early Works, to the Blue, Rose, African, Cubism, Classicism, Surrealism, War, and finally the later works which were whatever he wanted to paint because after all, he was Picasso. We are going to look through some new techniques being used by contemporary artists as they explore ways of elevating their work. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing the color palette. Other times it is more complex like adding heat and pouring a solution to the surface.

didimenendez • One year ago

The Secret Use Of Photography In Paintings Revealed

It is suspected that the influence of photography's use in paintings has been in practice since the time of Johannes Vermeer and maybe earlier on since the invention of the camera obscura. Even though the camera has been available for centuries, film was not invented until the 1800's. There are several styles which developed from the use of photography. Precisionism for example which celebrated the modernization of the American landscape. Found photographic subjects were placed with precision into the painting hence the birth of the term. In the 1960's Photorealism became popular. Photorealism then sprang Hyperrealism which is basically a photorealistic painting with enhanced colors or exaggerated distored sizes and shapes such as the use of zooming into a piece and painting the details to the tiniest view which the human eye would not have been able to detect otherwise. We are going to take a look at some of these artist's work and reveal their use of photography.

didimenendez • One year ago

The Little Museum That Could

The United States has several art prizes including the National Endowments of the Arts which includes the literary arts and other art related awards and the Smithsonian Outwin Prize which takes place every three years and includes photography and other mediums focusing on portraiture. Neither of them really focusing on the Figurative Arts until along comes the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art which yesterday awarded a $10,000 prize to a female painter from Michigan. The exhibition was juried by one of the nation's top female artists Alyssa Monks. Candice Chovanec wrote on her Facebook yesterday "Driving to Wisconsin today! Looking forward to a beautiful drive and a fantastic group exhibition at the Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art." Without pretentiousness or mentions that her work was included in the exhibition.

didimenendez • One year ago

How Artists Reach Over 100 Thousand Followers On Instagram

There are some working artists from our immediate community and others whose work I admire on Instagram who have more followers than the Jeff Koons' (257 thousand followers) and Damien Hirst's (263 thousand) of the world. I visited with some of these 100 thousand plus artist and others who only have a few so we may learn how social media impacts a career and sales. I hope galleries and museums are reading this too since so many are still brick and mortar and are slowly dying in the world of social and virtual reality.

didimenendez • One year ago

Women Painting WTF They Want

The artwork highlighted in this new curated column on Buzzfeed is focused exclusively on women. Blurbs written by Lorena Kloosterboer.

didimenendez • One year ago