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    Who Are The Real Hyperrealist On Instagram?

    Will the real hyperrealists please step forward? There are over 200 thousand tagged images with #hyperrealism posted on Instagram. Most of the images posted with the tag are not hyperrealism or even photorealism at all. Instead of having to search through 200 thousand images, here is a listing of 50 REAL Hyperrealists in no particular order.

    1. Glennray Tutor

    2. Kit King

    3. Osamu Obi

    4. Will Cotton

    5. Mike Dargas

    6. Robin Eley

    7. Eloy Morales

    8. Gottfried Helnwein

    9. Katie Miller

    10. Jim Thalassoudis

    11. Tjaif Sparnaay

    12. Diego Fazio

    13. Dirk Dzimirsky

    14. Jason de Graaf

    15. Hubert De Lartigue

    16. Robert Standish

    17. Dru Blair

    18. Simon Hennessey

    19. Teresa Elliott

    20. Alexandra Manukyan

    21. Lee Price

    22. Jaime Valero

    23. Marc Dennis

    24. Jason Bard Yarmosky

    25. Ron Mueck

    26. Dan Quintana

    27. Hyung Jin Park

    28. Philipp Weber

    29. Jacques Bodin

    30. David Eichenberg

    31. Arinze Stanley

    32. Zaria Forman

    33. Doug Webb

    34. Lorena Kloosterboer

    35. Nathan Walsh

    36. Clio Newton

    37. Cheryl Kelley

    38. Pedro Campos

    39. Darian Mederos

    40. Ayogu kingsley

    41. Peter Höhsl

    42. Jan Nelson

    43. Kamalky Laureano

    44. Victoria Herrera

    45. Tom Martin

    46. Anthony Brunelli

    47. Antonio Cazorla

    48. Steve Caldwell

    49. Paul Beliveau

    50. David Finnigan

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