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This is an updated list from last year's. I have refreshed the list with new images and artists. This is a personal list based on articles, exhibitions, and my monitoring of work which is based on social media and personal interactions with many of these artists. It is not in any particular order although the first few are based on artists who are going to be busy for a very long time. Some artists are not on the list because they are not on Instagram and it is difficult to account for them or post on Buzzfeed, then they are not listed since this list is based on Instagram posts. This list was updated July 18, 2018.

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4. Vincent Desiderio

18. Andrea Kowch

19. Bo Bartlett

25. Daniel Sprick

33. Steven Assael

34. Marc Dennis

39. Vincent Xeus

40. Brad Kunkle

63. Tim Okamura

93. Erin Anderson

100. Julie Bell

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