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    Art Periods And Contemporary Art

    As artists grow with their careers, their style of work can't help but change. This allows an artist not to become stagnant and for previous collectors to keep coming back and for new ones to be acquired. For example Pablo Picasso went through the Early Works, to the Blue, Rose, African, Cubism, Classicism, Surrealism, War, and finally the later works which were whatever he wanted to paint because after all, he was Picasso. We are going to look through some new techniques being used by contemporary artists as they explore ways of elevating their work. Sometimes it is just a matter of changing the color palette. Other times it is more complex like adding heat and pouring a solution to the surface.

    Hollis Dunlap

    Hollis Dunlap / Via

    Erin Anderson

    Erin Anderson - work in progress.

    Joshua Dean

    Joshua Dean

    Candice Chovanec

    Candice Chovanec

    Jennifer Hartzler

    Laurence de Valmy

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