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Why Accepting The Sexuality Of Others Is Important

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Everyone experiences some form of it


There are many different types of sexuality. The most recognized are heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. However, there are so many more!!! Polysexuality (attracted to multiple sexes), pansexuality (attracted to all sexes), and asexuality (not really attracted to anyone in a sexual manner) are only a couple others.

It affects everyday life


Think about it: you're walking down the street holding hands with your significant other and you get stares and rude comments thrown your way. Hurts, doesn't it? Unfortunately, this only one of the things that queer people have to face every day. Not to mention what happens on social media.



Imagine sitting in front of your favorite TV show, but none of the characters look like you. If this happened to you often enough, your self-esteem or self-worth might be affected. "What's so wrong with me that people like me aren't on screen?" This is yet another reality that queer people face. Representation is important because tolerance and acceptance is vastly affected by how the media perceives particular issues. If the media isn't on board with you, then a lot of other people won't be either.

It's a biology thing, not a choice


Contrary to religious belief, nobody chooses their sexuality. For those who argue this idea, please tell me when you chose to be straight. You didn't, did you? You were born that way. Period.

The charade is exhausting


Pretending to be something you're not is quite exhausting. You walk around putting on a brave face, maybe date some people you don't care about, all to keep up this image. You don't want to be judged or demeaned for something so you lie. But after a while, it gets to be really hard to maintain that lie, especially if you do decide you really like someone and they aren't who others are expecting. It wouldn't be fair to yourself to continue the charade just to save face. So you come out.

Coming out can be hard


And also super scary. You don't know how others will react to you, even though there has been much more support and acceptance of the gay community in recent years. There is still backlash you can face by family or friends that could really hurt. But there can also be a lot of good to come from being open and honest with one another.

So here is me, being open and honest...


I'm bisexual. I'm coming out in a (kind of) public manner because I feel it could inspire others to come out as well. There is no use in hiding who you really are. But me having a different sexuality than others have perceived of me doesn't change who I am or who I have been. I will always be the same person. This doesn't change the relationship I have with my boyfriend, so it shouldn't change how others view me either. (Although that is very optimistic.) So I challenge you. Be honest with yourself. Be honest with others. But do it when you're ready. And don't judge others for their sexuality. It's part of who they are. And unless you're dating them, it doesn't affect you anyway.

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