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Things I Learned While Working At A Movie Theater

The good, the bad, and the sticky.

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1. Customers will (almost) always find a way to butcher the movie title / Via

"I'll have one to Magnificent."

2. Popcorn loses it's appeal after working around it for a week, but you'll still eat it / Via

3. Spills happen easily


And they will mostly come from the largest size you have available and you will spend an hour sopping it up from the carpet with the flimsy brown paper towels your company buys in bulk.

4. You could find full bottles of alcohol / Via

Someone got turnt up in the theater and forgot their last unopened bottle of wine. And because you found it, you get to take it home (if you're 21 that is!)

5. Kid movies are the worst / Via

Occasionally, there will be a cute kid wandering around, but mostly you'll get the screamers. They beg for candy and if you don't give it to them, you're the bad guy. If you do give it to them, you get yelled at by the parents. There is no win.

6. Customers will ask if you've seen the movie / Via

And if you haven't, you will get the look of disappointment.

7. You will meet lots of different people / Via

8. Awesome people work at movie theaters / Via

You will become friends with them, and they will make midnight shows much more bearable.

9. You have regular customers


Their orders are always the same and you'll grow attached to them.

10. You go on a day by day basis / Via

Some days will be better than others, just like any other job.

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