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    2013: The Year Of Cultural Appropriation All Around (And Every Year Before)

    And 2014, the year offenders need to stop, listen and learn. Cultural appropriation and racism hit all communities hard every year. Recently, HuffPo Black Voices named 2013 as the year of cultural appropriation. And to accompany it is some of this year's most offensive towards Asians, Asian Americans and Asian culture.

    1. Katy Perry: The time she assumed dressing up Geisha was a good idea.

    At this year's American Music Awards, Katy Perry performed in a Geisha fan-fare only this isn't a reason to reward her for "cultural appreciation". It was a blatant display of cultural appropriation on a mainstream platform that largely leaves out Asians as a whole. Asian background dancers are seen to cake on more make-up to look more Asians. Media reviews of the performance questioned the outraged that poured from Perry's performance - comparing it to the highly controversial Miley Cyrus twerking at the VMAs. This is not appropriation olympics. Pop stars need to retrain their urge to use people of color and our culture from their onstage antics.

    2. Jimmy Kimmel: The time is he used a kid to suggest Chinese genocide

    In October, Jimmy Kimmel featured adorable little people to discuss the government shutdown and how to pay back the trillions bazillions dollars of debt to China. With a little Asian girl in sight while sipping on American flag juice boxes, the floppy-haired white six year old boy proclaimed “Kill everyone in China". I'm not a mind reader but I'm pretty sure that little girl expression means "WTF?!"

    3. Halloween: All Tricks and No Treats

    Oct. 31st is usually a gut-wrenching time of the year for people of color. Imagine all that's sacred and custom to your culture can be made into a costume or accessory priced at $29.99. This year, in particular, the offenders stripped down human dignity to WTF! levels. Do not ever assume it is okay.

    >>>Three white guys dressed up as Asiana flight attendants killed in the July crash in SFO. Adding insult to fatal injuries, the falsely reported racist names are visibly seen in this distasteful photo-op. This is among the worst of the worst. Google "racist costumes" and there is no short supply.

    For future Halloweens, please see the Ohio STARS "We're a Culture not a Costume" campaign". Think before you dress up.

    4. Asian Girlz Song: Written by a Racist Band (Yes, Racist)

    I know what some are thinking, "who doesn't love asian girls with a z". But really, writing a song titled "Asian Girlz" and featuring obscene lyrics like "I love your creamy yellow thighs / Ooh your slanted eyes" are never ever acceptable. Seriously. And featuring a willing Asian girl that fits into a white man's stereotype of exotic asian women does make it less racist. This song dropped on all Asian women like a ton of bricks in August. The band behind this racist song denied any wrong doing and the girl in the music video gave an empty apology. Now, who is going to write a real song about loving and respecting asian girls with a z?

    5. Miss New America: Can't Touch This

    In September, Nina Davuluri won Miss America - the first winner of Indian heritage. Her triumph set ablaze a revelation that Asian woman too can be crowned on national television (the Runner-Up Crystal Lee is also Asian). Except, not all Americans understood this graciously. Covert and overt racists poured out of the woodwork on twitter to shame the new Miss America and mistook her as "Arab" which then triggered more xenophobia.

    One tweet read: "If you're #Miss America you should have to be American". Another read "Asian or Indian are you kiddin this is america omg".

    Supporters and haters can follow Nina Davuluri on her official twitter handle @MissAmerica

    6. There's much more cultural appropriation and racism this year but no buzzfeed post can capture it all, can it?! Let's look ahead to 2014

    Asian Pacific Islander movers and shakers nationwide are confronting racism and collaborating across communities to address this ongoing problem. Here are some people and sources to follow, work together and fight with:

    1. #NotYourAsianSideKick founded by Suey Park

    2. Angry Asian Man

    3. Rinku Sen and Color Lines

    4. Bao Phi

    5. CultureStr/ke

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