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    2013: The Year Of Cultural Appropriation All Around (And Every Year Before)

    And 2014, the year offenders need to stop, listen and learn. Cultural appropriation and racism hit all communities hard every year. Recently, HuffPo Black Voices named 2013 as the year of cultural appropriation. And to accompany it is some of this year's most offensive towards Asians, Asian Americans and Asian culture.

    1. Katy Perry: The time she assumed dressing up Geisha was a good idea.

    2. Jimmy Kimmel: The time is he used a kid to suggest Chinese genocide

    3. Halloween: All Tricks and No Treats

    4. Asian Girlz Song: Written by a Racist Band (Yes, Racist)

    5. Miss New America: Can't Touch This

    6. There's much more cultural appropriation and racism this year but no buzzfeed post can capture it all, can it?! Let's look ahead to 2014