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    UC Davis Back At It Again

    SmartSite is down and the end of is near. #SmartGate2k16


    Diana Lopez Solorzano

    SmartSite, an online academic portal that allows professors to post lecture slides, study guides, practice exams and podcasts, went down for maintenance on May 20th and was scheduled to come back up on May 23rd at 11 am. Its host, Scriba, has yet to restore the website.


    John S / Via
    Emily Eddy / Via

    A few months ago, UC Davis announced their partnership with SmartSite would be coming to a close in the Fall of 2017 due to a new contract with Canvas by Instructure. Needless to say, SmartSite didn't take it so well.

    But who are the real victims here?

    2. The Concerned One

    cactasss / Via Twitter: @cactasss

    3. The Almost Grad

    Sam A. / Via

    4. The Conspiracy Theorist

    Harvey L / Via

    In case you don't know who Katehi is.

    5. And Another One -- DJ Khaled

    Shelby G / Via Twitter: @smelbyganzfart

    6. The Optimist

    7. The Chill AF One

    Daisa P. / Via Twitter: @deezzymvp

    8. The Realist

    9. The Opportunist

    Alyssa B / Via Twitter: @YssaTheNinja

    10. The One Who Is Over It

    Esme / Via Twitter: @Esme_RAWR

    11. And The One Who Just Wants A Job

    Diana LS / Via Twitter: @dlopezsolorzano

    Hello. It's me, I was wondering if after all this time you'd like to check out my LinkedIn.

    It is Week 9. Finals are 11 days away. Send help.

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