22 Gargoyles That Are Having A Worse Day Than You

It’s not easy being grotesque.

1. This gargoyle who can’t reach the bottom of this large ladle.

Flickr: lebatihem /CreativeCommons

2. This dude who just pigged out on kale.

3. This poor soul having a very problematic poo.

Flickr: 69502532@N00 /CreativeCommons

4. This very important gargoyle who just can’t seem to get good cellphone reception.

Flickr: ruthhb /CreativeCommons

5. This dude whose HBO GO account won’t load.

Flickr: billhails /CreativeCommons

6. This guy trapped in an awkward hug.

Flickr: squirmelia /CreativeCommons

7. This gargoyle that does not enjoy having a pipe sticking out of his mouth.

Flickr: spirosk /CreativeCommons

8. This unfortunate member of a rollercoaster orgy.

Flickr: johnsanchez /CreativeCommons

9. This gargoyle who hates putting in his eye drops.

Flickr: lebatihem /CreativeCommons

10. This dude that regrets getting a dog.

11. This gargoyle who didn’t listen to his mother when she said “If you make that face, it’ll stay that way.”

12. And also this one.

13. This worrywort who just realized he forgot to lock his door.

14. This glutton who’s having some trouble eating this cucumber.

Flickr: hsaariko /CreativeCommons

15. This hunk who can’t reach that pesky shoulder blade itch.

Flickr: 29585346@N07 /CreativeCommons

16. This gargoyle who just got stood up on a blind date.

Flickr: midgley /CreativeCommons

17. This workaholic who needs this bottle after the day she’s had.

18. This gargoyle who was caught at a very private moment.

Flickr: 12512458@N00 /CreativeCommons

19. This vegan who suspects his sandwich was not, in fact, gluten-free.

Flickr: 12512458@N00 /CreativeCommons

20. This introvert who has a severe case of FOMO.

Flickr: laurakgibb /CreativeCommons

21. This dude who just doesn’t understand these IKEA instructions.

Flickr: 84327574@N00 /CreativeCommons

22. This gargoyle whose wifi just went out…again.

Flickr: 12512458@N00 /CreativeCommons

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