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22 Gargoyles That Are Having A Worse Day Than You

It's not easy being grotesque.

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1. This gargoyle who can't reach the bottom of this large ladle.

Flickr: lebatihem /CreativeCommons

2. This dude who just pigged out on kale.

3. This poor soul having a very problematic poo.

Flickr: 69502532@N00 /CreativeCommons

4. This very important gargoyle who just can't seem to get good cellphone reception.

Flickr: ruthhb /CreativeCommons

5. This dude whose HBO GO account won't load.

Flickr: billhails /CreativeCommons

6. This guy trapped in an awkward hug.

Flickr: squirmelia /CreativeCommons

7. This gargoyle that does not enjoy having a pipe sticking out of his mouth.

Flickr: spirosk /CreativeCommons

8. This unfortunate member of a rollercoaster orgy.

Flickr: johnsanchez /CreativeCommons

9. This gargoyle who hates putting in his eye drops.

Flickr: lebatihem /CreativeCommons

10. This dude that regrets getting a dog.

Flickr: sacred_destinations /CreativeCommons

11. This gargoyle who didn't listen to his mother when she said "If you make that face, it'll stay that way."

Flickr: sacred_destinations /CreativeCommons

12. And also this one.

Flickr: sacred_destinations /CreativeCommons

13. This worrywort who just realized he forgot to lock his door.

14. This glutton who's having some trouble eating this cucumber.

Flickr: hsaariko /CreativeCommons

15. This hunk who can't reach that pesky shoulder blade itch.

Flickr: 29585346@N07 /CreativeCommons

16. This gargoyle who just got stood up on a blind date.

Flickr: midgley /CreativeCommons

17. This workaholic who needs this bottle after the day she's had.

18. This gargoyle who was caught at a very private moment.

Flickr: 12512458@N00 /CreativeCommons

19. This vegan who suspects his sandwich was not, in fact, gluten-free.

Flickr: 12512458@N00 /CreativeCommons

20. This introvert who has a severe case of FOMO.

Flickr: laurakgibb /CreativeCommons

21. This dude who just doesn't understand these IKEA instructions.

Flickr: 84327574@N00 /CreativeCommons

22. This gargoyle whose wifi just went out...again.

Flickr: 12512458@N00 /CreativeCommons

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